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Technology projects under the ASAP (Austrian Space Application Programme) - funding program of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

ASAP5, "NANOMATSPACE, Nano-Composites and High-Performance Materials for Space '

Concept Initiative - The study " Nano-Composites and High-Performance Materials for Space" has set the task to elicit possibilities and application potentials of the Austrian research and industry for high-performance materials, in particular for so-called nano-composites, for their future use in space


ASAP7 - "ACTRESS, Advanced Composite Technologies for Extreme Lightweight Space Structures"

Cooperative development project, project partners: Fa Mubea CarboTech GmbH, Salzburg (project leader), Graz University of Technology / Institute of Lightweight; RTBV.

The basic goal of this project funded by the FFG "ACTRESS, Advanced Composite Technologies for Extreme Light Weight Space Structures" was to establish a long-term and sustainable program for the modeling and manufacture of extremely lightweight structures by application of advanced (nano-modified) composite materials for use in future space programs and projects


ASAP8, "BII-NACO, Bio-Inspired Nano composites for Space Application"

Cooperative development project, project partners: University of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Physics and Material Sciences (project leader), RTBV, Medical University of Vienna, Decentralized Biomedical Facilities, Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH

This project includes the development of new bio-inspired nano-composite materials for application in the aerospace industry. This is to be expected from the already available knowledge about already existing nanocomposites (the so-called nanocomposites 1st generation). The crucial new step involves the application of more than one (nano)filler materials, i. e. binary and ternary filler systems, and is also intended to include the application specific natural design principles as triggers for material development. Thereby, potential synergies between the filler systems and/or between filler system and continuous fiber shall be identified and utilized for the development of new high-performance nano-composites of 2nd generation.


ESA TRP Technology Projects

"Metal Matrix Composite Materials for Heat Dissipation Devices and their Cryo Thermoophysical Properties", ESA contract no 4000105706/12/NL/CBi.

Project partners: Technical University of Vienna, Institute of Chemical Technologies (project leader), Vienna University of Technology, Institute for Solid State Physics and RTBV

Screening of space missions and their instruments with respect to applications of highly conductive MMCs (diamond and carbon fiber composites), identification and definition of possible dimensions demonstrator


"High Specific Stiffness Materials for Space Applications", ESA contract no. 4000107530/12/NL/AF

Project partners: Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH (project leader); RHP-Technology GmbH;  RTBV

Main objectives of this study are to evaluate and to select the most promising metallic based materials which have a high specific stiffness to be used on planetary spacecraft such as for future Mars surface missions. The selected materials will be evaluated to establish their performance in both Earth and Martian envirnments


"Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) as High Performance Metallic Material,  ESA Contract no. 4000108672/13/NL/CBi

Project partners: Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH (Project leader); TECNALIA Spain; RHP-Technology GmbH; TU Vienna, Institute for Chemical Technologies; RTBV

Metal matrix composites are hybrid materials composed of a metal matrix and a reinforcing substructure. aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel and their alloys are the most commonly encountered matrices while the reinforcement is made of particles, short fibers or endless filaments of ceramics, including carbon, oxides, borides and carbides.

The objective of this project is to select, optimize and characterize metal matrix composites with respect to challenging space applications. the development will be validated by manufacturing and testing an elegant breadboard.


Testing of advanced materials applied for space projects for use in the Stirling engine

Consulting and study to company Sunmachine GmbH, Nuremberg on the fields: "Selection of materials for heat exchanger tubes in terms of resistance to high temperature and hot gas corrosion" and for topic "Optimization of tribology of engine parts and high-performance lubricants"

Conception of heat storage system based upon phase change materials for use in domestic ovens.

Consulting services and study for company HET Heiz- & Energietechnik Entwicklungs-GmbH, 5201 Seekirchen am Wallersee: “Heat storage using high-temperature latent heat storage materials, study for the realization of a demo-storage element for use in domestic heating”


Best Practice Study

"Aerospace Technology Centers in Europe", study for the Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT GmbH

The purpose of this best practice study was to provide an overview of a variety of aerospace technology centers in Europe and to compile their engagement in acquisition and development of new technologies for aerospace, verification and testing and the application of new technologies for aerospace. The particular task of this study was to derive first rough frame conditions and undertaking a best practice benchmarking for these European technology centers to be used for a first iteration of estimation of frame conditions and cost for a possible foundation  of a "Technology Center for Aerospace" in Austria

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